Issues & challenges

Higher  education  plays  a  great  role  in  the  development  of  a  country.  However,  this realization has not come upon developing countries like Nepal. For more than two decades, Kanakai Multiple Campus has been working to uplift its educational standard by providing quality  higher  education,  but  there  are  many  hurdles  on  the  way.    Challenges  are  never ending due to dynamic notion of time. But they can be coped.

The nature of challenges for this campus is different at present than the beginning period of this campus. In those days, many  challenges  such  as  crisis  of  finance,  educational  manpower,  physical  structures,  etc. were  there.  But  now,  campus  owns  them  but  new  challenges  are  emerging.  Currently,  the campus  is  facing short  term,  mid-term  & long term  challenges.  Growing rates  of  student’s dropout,  inadequacy of  proper  coordination  among  the  stakeholders,  problems  in  handling internal managerial activities, insufficiency of financial resources, Excess workload teaching and  non-teaching  staffs,  inadequacy  of  training  orientation  and  seminar  for  enhancing efficiency of teaching and non-teaching staff etc. are facing the short term challenges of the campus.   Research   activities   are   not   adequate,   difficulty   in   amendment   of   rules   and regulations of the campus as per the need political interventions are the long term challenges of the campus.

The Kanakai Multiple Campus is trying for mitigating the various issues and challenges by organizing the various activities  i.e.  Meetings, seminars, workshops and  making  decisions time and again, by making the new rules and policies to run the campus smoothly.