KMC Social progress

It  is  an  indisputable  fact  that  the  target  of  every campus  is  to  attain the highest  quality of education  with  the  large  number  of  students.  An  improvement  in  the  quality of  education implies that a production of efficient and effective man power. For this reason, every campus has been pursuing policies that would lead to increase in quality of education. Obviously, the role  of  society towards  the  campus  determines  the  overall  educational  performance  of  the campus.

The  Kanakai  Multiple  Campus  is  a  community  based  campus.  So  it  has  the  responsibility towards the society to enhance the welfare of the society. The campus is providing a quality education to the students of the society at very nominal cost. The campus operates various plans to contribute the society such as afforestation, health campaign, and public awareness campaign time and again.

Moreover,  KMC  works  with  Kanakai  Municipality,  Nepal  Red  Cross  Society  subchapter Surunga,   Surunga   Jaycees,   Gyan   Jyoti   Youth   Club,   Surunga   Sahakarya   Youth   Club, Margadarshan Nepal, Lions and Rotary Club etc. This campus always has its support on the activities  such  as  blood  donation  program,  environmental  awareness  programs,  traffic awareness, meditation programs, etc.