Activities & Achievements

Highlights of Major Activities and Achievements
Kankai Multiple Campus was established with the emphasis on Humanities. But gradually, the focus has gone to all faculties- Humanities, Education and Management. New Programs such BBA, MPA, have drawn much attention due to the rise in demand of these programs. Master’s Degree in Business Studies and Education is also a good step for the production of qualified man-power. Six Departments are formed to make efficient management system. Out of these, one is extra-curricular department which conducts several extra activities to enhance students’ genius. The man-powers which are produced by this Campus are matched with national and local requirement. The students, who have completed their academic levels, have got opportunities in different sectors such as financial, business and academic fields. Moreover, educating efficient and effective human force formation is considered first and foremost duty among the duties of campus. Every year, campus admits newcomer students and graduates others; in this continuous cycle, education quality has a crucial position. Thus, increasing the quality of educational system is considered the most influential factor in developing campus.