Message from Chairperson

It is a matter of great pleasure to welcome you all in the academic environment of Kanakai Multiple Campus, Surunga. Established in 2047 BS in the building of Shree Kanakai Secondary School, KMC has been leaping forward relentlessly serving as a centre of excellence for thousands of students across the nation. In this regard, the role played by the past chairpersons of the campus is praiseworthy.

The campus has faced a lot of upheavals to arrive at today’s position. At the time of need, the host community has generously donated for the sake of institution. I would like to honour every single donators on this occasion. We consider our seniors and guardians as our torchbearers and would like to assimilate their practical suggestions to ascend further.

Finally, we are committed to work hand in hand for the betterment of the campus. Please support us to reach in our goals. We will never let you down. Thanks.


Prem Prasad Chudal