Vision Mission


Vision:KMC will support outstanding vision and concept of masterminds and make use of the m for further development of people and society through education.

Mission: The mission of the campus is to acquire and develop dedicated, laborious, qualified and socially renowned faculties for delivering quality education to the students. We will advance the intellectual and social condition of the people of the community and country through the quality program of teaching, research and service.

The mission of the campus is to produce scientific manpower for higher caliber in order to attain academic excellence in continuously develops research facilities to benefit both individuals and institutions. It also aims at providing consulting service to the public at large.

Goals: The core goal of the KMC is to fulfill the higher level educational needs of the community, country and globe. It will go on executing activities for further development of society and the globe in every possible way. The campus will be work out strategies to catch up with the spirit of community and the country in the global concept.